6th International Forum for Daseinsanalysis

 Speech in Daseinsanalysis - A Dialog of Philosophy and Psychotherapy in Practice

May 25th - 27th 2006 Prague, Czech Republic


Call for papers

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Please submit your abstract until the 1st of November 2004 via e-mail to daseinsanalysis@seznam.cz or a printed copy to the postal address:

PVŠPS, s.r.o., Bc. Tereza Králíčková

Hekrova 805, Prague 4, 149 00, Czech Republic

For further information please contact: daseinsanalysis@seznam.cz

Tel:  +420607185087

Fax: +420267913634




E-mail: daseinsanalysis@seznam.cz

Address: PVŠPS, Bc.Tereza Králíčková, Hekrova 805, Prague 4, 149 00, Czech Republic